As a follow up to our communication over the past two months regarding our system upgrade we are excited to unveil our new Invoice that was generated from our new ERP system! It was a TALL challenge replacing a customized software system that had been developed with incremental improvements and changes over a twenty-plus year period. Not only did we replace the existing billing system but we have integrated our lease sales quotation process, purchase order process, and full financial accounting into the new system.

In order to meet this challenge, our staff worked hard over the past (18) months and especially hard over the past (2) months including some very late nights and over multiple weekends and off-hours to get us to this point in the project. While we have conducted extensive testing of the new system to ensure the accuracy of your data we realize there will be additional changes and enhancements to meet our high customer standards and we would appreciate any feedback after you’ve had the chance to review in more detail.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the new presentation of information and walk you through the new invoice if you feel that would be beneficial. As you can see the new invoice has been designed to have concise information presented in an easy to read format while reducing the total number of pages compared to the previous invoice format. This was accomplished in support of our company’s efforts to reduce the amount of paper consumed in the day to day operations of the business. In the case of our larger fleet customers with integrated fuel and maintenance services, we were able to reduce the total page count in half compared to the old format! And in further support of this initiative, we are asking all of our customers to adopt the new electronic format for monthly invoices. We realize there may be special circumstances and will make accommodations if a paper invoice is still required for your business operation.

Thank you again for your relationship and the opportunity to work with your company and we look forward to a bright future together!


Nick Miota