Company Cars: An Economical Way to Improve Company Culture

Here at Southgate Lease Services, we’re all about making our clients happy. More often than not, what makes our clients happy is making their teams happy. One of the easiest, most economical, and impressive ways of improving team culture and morale is a company car.

A valued client recently shared with us the impact an incentive-based company car has had on his managers:

“Cars are a huge hit, it’s an incentive and recognition award…used as part of a total culture, compensation, recognition, incentive-based place to work—they are a big part of making our [employees] feel valued.”

A form of inspiration, the car has helped his managers push harder to meet their targets and exceed their goals. The Audi he has leased is rotated to different managers, based on performance, for a nominal cost. And the results speak for themselves: his employees feel more valued and store goals are consistently being met.

If you’re looking to think outside the box to inspire your employees with a unique (and enviable) rewards program, contact Southgate Lease Services today; we’re confident we can help you create an incentive that is both economical and inspirational: (866) 727-2940.