Why Fleets and Fleet Management Are Important—Now, More Than Ever

As we all try to find the new normal after being in pandemic mode for weeks and weeks, we’ll slowly be returning to work, taking to the roads yet again with a brand new set of safety standards in mind.

Traveling, in general, has had a tough go of it, as “sheltering in place” doesn’t really encourage us to go, well, anywhere. Buses, trains, planes, and ridesharing have all been deemed as high-risk modes of transportation for the obvious reasons; anything “shared” or “public” will likely be considered risky for quite some time. Private transportation by car is far and away the safest way to travel if you’re looking to avoid contact with COVID-19. As long as drivers practice appropriate sanitation techniques and avoid sharing the enclosed space of their vehicle with other passengers, traveling by private vehicle is a low-risk solution in an increasingly cautious environment.

As we all head back to work and begin to take to the roads again, cars will undoubtedly be the preferred mode of transportation—and the best way to keep your staff safe, comfortable, and happy. Assembling an adjusted fleet for your team is made easy with an experienced Fleet Management Team by your side. Together, we can design a plan of action that is safe, cost-effective, and convenient for both you and your staff. Southgate Lease Services offers a wide range of services, including:

Our niche is providing services for clients who require coverage plans and registrations spanning multiple states, providing comprehensive coverage around the country. While similar fleet management companies only work with large fleets, we specialize in the small fleet segment, helping our valued clients secure the best rates, coverage, and service for 10-150 vehicles, vans, and trucks; leasing a vehicle can run you as little as $15 per day. Get in touch with Southgate Lease Services today to discuss your fleet management needs: (866) 727-2940. We look forward to speaking with you!